The Transition

Hello all,

Unfortunately, Galaxy Forge Games had to pull the plug on Thrones of Iron for the time-being. Our team was too small for the magnitude of game we were creating and we suffered heavily due to that. If an effort to revive ToI, we decided to scale back our ambition and look to create a bit a simpler game, and look for talent in different places.

This, The Byss Project was born. Our project is going to be a browser-based/standalone game that features squad-based RTS gameplay with heavy RPG elements for character customization. The player will essentially command a squad of mercenaries (~ 1-8) with the option to swap out the “controlled” member at any time, assuming the role of any of the player’s active squad members. Each member will be designed to have particular roles for strategic integration in combat, however the player has the option to swap out abilities as they see fit, creating a team that is tailored to their play-style.

We are planning to design the game mainly as an RTS, while still having various avenues of gameplay for different player-types. These would be exploration-based “lore” missions where the player would traverse the environments, find secret items and discovery the history of these planets. Others would be less squad-oriented, and focus on particular combat roles, such as stealth/assassin or a brawler-type. Then the larger RTS combat sequences would generally follow the main storyline, allow for multiplayer gameplay and open us up for procedurally generated events, such as an “invasion event” where nearby players would be notified and able to participate as they saw fit.

The game will be set in the “final frontier” style sci-fi setting with a slight cyberpunk mix for a slightly dreary ambiance. Our art-style will be semi-realistic, similar to what you might see in Krater (

We hope to begin development in early 2013. Our first goal is to create a playable demo to give out and let people review while we look for crowd-funding opportunities to fully develop the game. We’ll continue to post updates about the game here!

GFG Team

About hinginmingin

I am a student at the University of Baltimore in the Simulation and Digital Entertainment program. I'm passionate about playing and creating games and hope to work in the game industry after school. I love to 3D Model, enjoy level design and web design. My current portfolio is:
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