Creatures from the Byss


The enemies of The Byss are the foul and savage inhabitants of these forsaken outer planets. With very little ability to perceive or portray emotion and conscious thought, these alien organisms constantly wreak havoc on the invaders attempting to settle on their homelands. During the old war, they destroyed any attempt to set up communication, shipping or feuling facilities on the planets they inhabit. The attacks on settlements ahave evolved into some form coordinated chaos, making these adaptive creatures ever harder to anticipate, track and exterminate.



As the Human colonies continue to be ravaged by these monsters, ceremonies have been held to honor the dead that have given their lives on the new frontier. More and more, bodies begin to disappear and curiosity turns to mystery which turns to terror. The creatures are consuming the dead for whatever ill-purpose there is – nourishment… experimentation…or worse. The realization could only be made at the worst timing; an unexpected and unforseen breed of malice washes over several settlements, leaving none alive. These new organisms were horrifically mutated Humans, a distorted remnant of the person they used to be. They became known as the Biomorphs, a melding of DNA between the creature and the Human organism. An added threat to an already dismal outlook.

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Death by Smiles

Codename: Smiles


Assassin “Smiles” adorns a virtual mask hiding his scarred face. After an accident during his time with the Empire’s armed forces, Smiles looked to change his profession to assassin-for-hire. He focuses on the use of bladed weapons and specialized grenades to silently dispose of his targets. Smiles wears the latest in technologically advanced armor-suits. His attire contains microscopic fiber optic cameras that render his surrounding environment onto his suit, making him nearly invisible to the untrained eye. Additionally, he bears integrated taser-claws on his suit that make him deadly to the touch. His specialized, multi-purpose grenades will knock out entire rooms of gaurds and ensure safe getaways for the agile killer.

Smiles got his name after the accident in which he lost one of his arms and was klinging to life. He was deemed in a state of physosis after the accident, barely reacting to immense pain and constantly smiling during operations and therapy. Once the doctors cleared Smiles from their care, he disappeared, resurfacing only as a curious inkling in the minds of his former employers when a significant assassination made big news. To this day he sells his services to whoever has the biggest payout and remains a ghost.

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Byss – Rough Character Classes

Here are some of the character “templates” that the player will often run in to. These classes are estabished and will have a cohesive blend of abilities that allow them to fulfill their cookie-cutter role. However, the player has the option to swap out any of the class-abilities as they see fit, so long as the character is a part of their squad. This allows the player to tailor their squad members to be most effective under different circumstances, or gears the squad to perform based on the player’s combat style and preference.


Intelligence: Relays information from command to the fighting unit. Calls in air or artillery support. Tech focused, minor combat abilities. Can obtain vital information about enemies and environments quickly. Resourseful.

Scout: Lightly armored and highly mobile, has excellent detection skills, combat abilities are gadget-focused and “speed” focused (quick attacks that do not leave the scout vulnerable for long). Using a variety of special techniques and devices to immobilize, confuse or disarm enemies.

Heavy weapons: Heavily armed and armored, yet slow moving, few “tech” skills, include skills that can give combat bonuses to other squad members. Has an integrated weapons platform grafted to his arm, allowing him to swap between dual autocannons, mini rockets, or heavy lasers. Eye equipment interfaces directly with a camera on his weapons platform, allowing him to see whatever direction his arm is pointing. Has a bulky suit of powered armor to protect him in sustained firefights.


Assassin: Doesn’t fight with regular units, normally. Camouflaged to be virtually invisible using optics on skin-tight mesh suit that blend the wearer into the surrounding environment by mimicing the image feed from the cameras on the suit. Uses “silent kill” methods, escape artist.

Ranger/Sniper: Long distance kills, augmented eyesight, “techy” gadgets & equipment. Weak armor but low risk fighting, high damage output but slow, single-target kills. Also communication oriented.


Close-Combat Expert: For mixing it up in the trenches – lots of mobility for arms and legs. Can use blades, and other close-range weapons. Uses high tech, flexible powered armor to stay mobile. Has a personal shield generator running off his armor’s power plant to keep him safe from firearms as he closes the distance. The head of the hammer has a chamber for a shaped sonic charge to allow him to breach buildings or armored vehicles.

Sapper: Creates strategic elements or structures, plants mines/bombs. Highly mobile, but weak. Retractable rocket pack (“lobber”) allows for dyanimic aiming and placement of explosive charges. Manipulator arms allow him to maneuver his lobbers as if they were weightless, and also allow them to be stored on his back to free up his hands. Lobbers can fire a variety of munitions a short distance, including smoke grenades, a self propelled rocket, and cluster bombs which can be configured to detonate on impact or lay as anti personnel mines. Boots can clamp to the ground to make himself a more stable firing platform. Carries a variety of other mines and explosives.

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Byss Development Begins!

We have officially begun developing our new sci-fi RTS/RPG with Unity 3D. We’re happy to say that we have a rather large team of talented individuals and we’re very excited to develop this game. We plan to release a playable demo and/or cinematic trailer down the road (looking to early summer) in hopes to gain some crowdfunding and media attention.

About the game:

The Byss is a science fiction themed hybrid roleplaying and strategy game. Taking the command of a small squad of mercenaries after a major galactic war, players direct a team of trained soldiers through missions and quests, which lead them across the galaxy and into dark and unknown territory. All goes well for the intrepid adventurers, until they stumble upon the growing forces of an old enemy. Working against time and the decaying political structure of a former galaxy-wide empire, it is up to the elite band of mercenaries to calm the growing tides of war, or be the catalyst that ignites growing tempest.

As development officially began Monday, we’re still getting things under wraps, setting up our tools and environments to move forward.

We plan to have our website – – available by the end of January.

More to come very soon – keep posted!

GFG Team

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The Transition

Hello all,

Unfortunately, Galaxy Forge Games had to pull the plug on Thrones of Iron for the time-being. Our team was too small for the magnitude of game we were creating and we suffered heavily due to that. If an effort to revive ToI, we decided to scale back our ambition and look to create a bit a simpler game, and look for talent in different places.

This, The Byss Project was born. Our project is going to be a browser-based/standalone game that features squad-based RTS gameplay with heavy RPG elements for character customization. The player will essentially command a squad of mercenaries (~ 1-8) with the option to swap out the “controlled” member at any time, assuming the role of any of the player’s active squad members. Each member will be designed to have particular roles for strategic integration in combat, however the player has the option to swap out abilities as they see fit, creating a team that is tailored to their play-style.

We are planning to design the game mainly as an RTS, while still having various avenues of gameplay for different player-types. These would be exploration-based “lore” missions where the player would traverse the environments, find secret items and discovery the history of these planets. Others would be less squad-oriented, and focus on particular combat roles, such as stealth/assassin or a brawler-type. Then the larger RTS combat sequences would generally follow the main storyline, allow for multiplayer gameplay and open us up for procedurally generated events, such as an “invasion event” where nearby players would be notified and able to participate as they saw fit.

The game will be set in the “final frontier” style sci-fi setting with a slight cyberpunk mix for a slightly dreary ambiance. Our art-style will be semi-realistic, similar to what you might see in Krater (

We hope to begin development in early 2013. Our first goal is to create a playable demo to give out and let people review while we look for crowd-funding opportunities to fully develop the game. We’ll continue to post updates about the game here!

GFG Team

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World Development and Data Creation!

Hello all!

Progress is booming as we near the end of development week 2! It is looking to be a fruitful summer and we’re grateful for the highly motivated talent that’s been working with us to push development along smoothly!

On the Art Side:

We’ve got modular pieces in the engine ready to build our main – faction neutral – Human capital/trade city. These parts will act as recyclable building blocks to ease the efforts of our world builders and construct something truly robust and awesome! Modularity is seriously the way to go when it comes to MMO level design. Why build things over and over?! Don’t. 😀

We’ve also got some GUI art coming in – should have some nice previews of that by next week!

On the Code Side:

We’ve got character data instantiating upon character creation – data such as character stats and attributes. We’ve also got skills instantiating and replicating to the client.

Our chatbox is underway and should be good to go soon! Then our developers…and world builders can chat while working 😛

One we get the GUI’s talking to the character and sending information from server to client we will begin slapping our GUI skins on and see some real stuff happening!

More updates to come! As we tackle a lot of the preparation work, the rest will come smoothly and efficiently!


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Summer is Here!

Summer is now in session (well, at least summer break, that is…) and Galaxy Forge Games development is back up and running at a quickened pace. May was a time of turnaround the the GFG team, as we boosted our numbers from 2 eager developers to 13 talented individuals ready to tread the unexplored ground of an indie MMO. Our team is comprised of a variety of 2D artists – concept, texture and GUI artists, 3D artists, world builders (level designers :P) and programmers. We are extremely excited to have a large team working with us on this game and are now looking forward to end-of-summer goals.

Our overall goal is to have a playable game by the time September rolls around – we want our players (very likely testers…and even more likely, us) to be able to log in to our world and experience character creation and character stat generation and modification. We plan for 3 fully fleshed out and living environments including a main – faction neutral – city. We plan on integrating a basic combat system that will allow players to bind actions/abilities to their character and use those abilities. Additionally, we plan to have a functional territorial take-over system in place so that players can begin to explore the RTS elements of Thrones of Iron.

We plan to post many updates throughout the next few months and hope to get a Kickstarter running by the time we get these updates working.

Keep posted! Cheers!

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Beta World Video Released!

Hey all,

Here is a very early testing area we have created for Thrones of Iron. Currently there is no gameplay, but you can see some of our initial assets and a peek at the BETA world we are going to be working with. Enjoy!

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Screenshots Released!

Hello all,

It’s been a while since the last post. Development continues to run smoothly and we still plan to release a video demo mid-May. For now, here are some screenshots of our world-in-progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More content coming soon!


The GFG team

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Human Backstory

Many apologies for the down time, everyone. Real life has rudely intruded. Anyways, for today, we’d like to introduce some of the backstory for the Humans featured in Thrones of Iron!

Once, long ago, the area that was to become the human realm of Garrick on the continent of Atlica was largely uninhabited. Altaris, an exiled nobleman from a far-distant country, arrived with a small band of settlers and soldiers in tow. He decided to halt their wandering amidst the hills and forests of this uncharted place, and established the realm. He declared himself Lord President, with the first city built by his people called Freehaven. Freehaven in time grew to be the largest city of Garrick and was designated the capital.

As the city grew, it became renowned as a place for the dispossessed and those seeking a new start. The exiles, washouts, riffraff, and runaways from foreign lands came together under the protection of the Lord President’s jurisdiction, and during the thirty peaceful years of his reign Garrick would expand, five more towns springing up and growing into thriving cities of their own:

The first town was Fjord’s Crossing. It was built near the Spirit River and founded by the explorer Harbinger Fjord. It is the furthest west; beyond it lays largely unexplored territory full of pine forests.

The second town was the port known as Mar Dunra, built along the inlets of the Gulf of Sodemare. Sodemare was the Dwarven word for “southwards” and where Dwarven traders first made contact with human merchants. This city is northeast of the capitol. Due to its lucrative trade, it’s considered the second most important town after the capitol.

The third town was called Foundry. Nearby is the adjacent village of Coalforge. Incidentally this is the region where most of the mining and forge-work is done. It is closest to the southern border of Garrick, which is where the mountains are.

The fourth town was called Hilldale. Hilldale is not far from Mar Dunra. In fact Hilldale is almost as vital because they are a trade link to the towns between Mar Dunra and the others.

And the fifth town was called Uppcroft. This is to the north and is where most of the farmland has been cleared out. The so-called breadbasket of the country is perhaps its single most important area.

Over time, the nation of Garrick grew strong and prosperous. They became renowned for their architecture and carpentry. The natural human thirst for progress and technology led to rapid development of steam engines. The humans also have a rudimentary grasp of the nature of electricity but steam-power remains more prominent. Gas as fuel for lighting is also common, much like the gaslight lanterns from the real world’s past.

The rival jungle nation of Ardel Kadji, home  of the cunning trolls, however, grew jealous of Garrick’s wealth and influence. What started out as economic competition grew into political feuding; it wasn’t long before all-out war erupted between them; trading partners around the continent of Atlica stood by and watched, afraid to get involved in one side or another.

The war lasted three years. Ardel stubbornly attempted four separate invasions of Garrick; all four invasions were repelled, each invading force sent home in shambles. Their brutal war spilled across the borders of neutral neighbors. Unwary to bring down the wrath of either belligerent, even the countries with the war being fought inside their territory did nothing, not even attempt mediation. It was understood in this part of the world that although peace and riches were amongst the most valuable commodities, once blood was spilled it must continue to spill until one side gave in or both sides brought each other to mutual ruin.

Happily for Garrick, mutual ruin was not the case. Their innovative technology led to their victory. Experimental weaponry was brought into play. When at last Garrick was able to push into Ardel territory, their counter-invasion was expedited by the remarkable weapons at their disposal. Flamethrowers cleared out the vegetation. The villages, towns, and cities would then quickly fall to sword and spear. The ramparts of Kadjinro, the second city of Ardel Kadji famous for their presumably invincible walls, were blasted down with barrels of gunpowder planted under the walls by Garrick’s sappers. Their sneaky engineers would dig down, set the barrels, and explode them in precise weak spots to maximize both damage and confusion.

Ardel’s capital, Ardelia, was the last one to fall. The besieged city bore witness to Garrick’s most terrifying weapon: the steam-powered machine gun. To prove that Garrick was not to be trifled with after Ardelia was burned to the ground its arable farmland was salted and filled with the corpses of all the slain defenders of the city.

This is only the first part of the human backstory. More will be posted soon.

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